Tilogrout Range

Building Construction
Tilogrout Range

Types of Tile Grout

Grout is the material that is used to fill space between adjacent tiles

Sika Tilogrout Range

Sika Tilogrout : is cementious gap filling material between joints in Wall and floor tiles like ceramic , vitrified , glass mosaic and marble tiles

  • Has reduced water absorption
  • No curing required due to water-retentive additive
  • Available in 20 colors

Sika Tilogrout Range

Sika Epoxy Tilogrout : is 3 component water dispersed epoxy , suitable for heavy duty joint application like industrial floor joint filling along with domestic and commercial buildings

Industrial- High Chemical resistance

Public use- Medium Chemical resistance

Residential use- low Chemical resistance

Sika Epoxy Tilogrout – Technical Info

EN 13888 : Methods and criteria for classification of grouting materials based on binder’s chemical nature.

Sika Epoxy Tilogrout Physical Properties