Building Construction


Reliable Waterproofing Solutions from Basement to Roof

Environmental conditions + safety level (watertight guarantee) required by the Owner + status of local construction skills

One of the most reliable basement waterproofing systems:

PVC membrane system with waterstop compartments


  • Single layer PVC membrane
  • Compartments by means of water stops to limit migration of water , in case of a leak
  • Back-up injection system

WATERSTOP SYSTEM with Back up Injection Compartments for single layer PVC system – Sikaplan WP

Build-up of layers

  • Backfilling / diaphragm wall
  • Substrate: shotcrete
  • Protection layer: geotextile
  • Waterproofing: PVC single layer
  • Compartment: waterbars
  • Control- and injection flange
  • Concrete structure

Back-up Injection System in case of leaks (re-injectable)

Only waterproofing system for basement where any leaks may be repaired at the outside of the concrete structure and thus guarantee the integrity of the outside protection at all times

System allows repair in case of leaks by injection of resins without further treatment during service life

Compartment System = Peace of mind!

Repair method by injection with poly-acrylate resin through control and injection port

Critical detailing

every detail can be designed !