Sealing & Bonding

Sealing & Bonding


Top-class elastic sealing and bonding solutions to meet all job site needs

Growing demand due to:

  • Focus on energy-efficient building envelopes
    • Seal joints in facades, roofs and around windows
  • Ever greater variety of materials used in construction
    • Bond elastically different materials instead of mechanical fastening
  • Increasing urbanization and more high-rise projects
    • Provide long lasting sealing solutions, especially for high-rise buildings
  • Growing significance of low emitting materials for good indoor air quality
    • Develop sealants and adhesive with minimal emissions



Our Brand

  • Sikaflex® - PU Sealant
  • Sika Poly Sulfinde® - Gun & Pour Grade
  • Sika Boom® - Foam
  • Sika Mutliseal ® - UV Resitant Tape
  • Sika Seal® - Silicone Sealant