Concrete Admixtures

Concrete Admixtures


Admixtures and additives for use in concrete, cement and mortar production

Enhancement of specific properties of the fresh and hardened material, such as:

  • Workability (placing, time, compaction, etc.)
  • Setting (retardation, strength, demoulding, etc.)
  • Durability (service life, safety, etc.)


Rising demand for admixtures and additives, due to:

  • Increased performance (durability) requirements placed on concrete, cement and mortar
  • Growing use of alternative materials (sustainability) in concrete, cement and mortar production






  • Sika ViscoCrete
  • Sikaplast
  • Sikament
  • Sika Control
  • Sika Ferrogard
  • Sika Pump
  • SikaPaver
  • Separol
  • Antisol
  • Sika Tard
  • Sika ViscoCrete
  • SikaRapid
  • Sigunit
  • Sika Rapid